Best of the Year

Rather than “Best” of the year lists, we usually compile “Favorites,” those books we thoroughly enjoyed reading and recommending to children, teens, teachers, librarians, and parents. These lists often do include “Bests” and sometimes are comprised entirely of our own eccentric awards to celebrate the year’s publishing bounty. Some lists include the opinions of our “focus group” (Lynn’s grandsons). Careful readers will note that we often have trouble sticking to our agreed upon limits each year. We blame it on the authors and illustrators who create so many worthy books each year.

Cindy & Lynn’s 2018 Book Awards
The Book Lynn Had to Fight Her Grandsons For…

Bookends Favorites 2018: Lynn’s Selections

Bookends Favorites 2018: Cindy’s Selections

Cindy & Lynn’s ALA Annual 2018 Exhibit Book Awards
The Book Most Likely to Get You Investigated By the FBI If You’re Caught Reading It…

Cindy & Lynn’s 2017 Book Awards
The Book that Had the Most Holds at One Time (Even Before the Author Appeared on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah)…

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